Consumer Protection in Green Heating & Insulation – Have Your Say

Reducing energy use is at the top of everyone’s agenda – be that because of rising bills, climate change or both.

To help more people move to green heating and better insulate their homes, it’s essential that businesses understand and follow their legal obligations when selling and installing. That way, consumers can be confident they are being treated fairly.

That’s why we want to hear from consumers, businesses and other key groups about their experience now, so we can root out any problems early on and avoid them in future.

Making our homes greener is key for us to reduce dependency on expensive gas and bring down our energy bills in the long-run. But people need to feel confident about installing new technology, like heat pumps and solar panels.

Strong consumer protections must be in place in case the installation goes wrong. It’s essential to find out about any challenges people are facing, so that problems can be fixed.