EPVS Membership Requirements

As well as ensuring consumers receive accurate performance and savings estimates, we also help ensure that they are treated fairly, that their installation will have been completed by a certified installer, and that they will have the appropriate protections in place should things go wrong.

In order to do this confidently, applicants must satisfy a strict set of criteria, which includes the following:

Whilst we do not require you have all the above in place before before you submit an application, we will be unable to offer membership until all the requirements have been met.

Ongoing Requirements

for EPVS Certified Installers

Following a successful application, Certified Installers are subject to monthly spot checks and annual reviews.  Any installer found to be in breach our Scheme Rules risks termination. These rules include:

  • Uploads – EVERY domestic installation must be uploaded to the portal for validation. This is to ensure all customers are treated fairly.
  • Memberships – installers must maintain current certifications/memberships with a Consumer Code, Certification Body, Standards Organisation and IBG Provider
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To review our full Scheme Document please click the button below.

Scheme Rules

Ready to Join Us?

If you would like to apply for EPVS Membership please click the Apply Now button below. If you would like more information, please click the Enquiry Now button and complete our enquiry form.

The final part of the online application form features a document submission section, and the following supporting documentation must be uploaded before you submit your application.

  1. Copies of your Public Liability, Employer’s Liability or Professional Indemnity insurances
  2. Sample copy of your Workmanship Warranty
  3. Copies of your Sales Presentations for all products you install
  4. Copy of a completed Handover Pack from one of your a previous customers (preferably the most recent), which includes the quotation, full contract, surveyor report, terms and conditions etc.

Assuming your already have the memberships in place, you can also add to the supporting documents copies of your certificate to evidence your Certification Body, Consumer Code, IBG Provider, and Standards Organisation.

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